The immigration crisis has swept Europe and increased crimes and social tension even in calm and prosperous Sweden.

This country has always been tolerant towards immigration and various non-traditional minorities. However, the situation is getting worse. And even the most hospitable and tolerant countries cannot stand the impudence of the guests.  They have to apply certain measures to migrants.

The EU to Sue Rebellion States Because of Migrants

Somalian immigration inside of Stockholm

Attorney General of Sweden Lisa Tamm compared Rinkeby to a military zone. Rinkeby is a suburb of Stockholm. Immigrants from Africa and the Middle East mainly inhabite this area.  Lisa Tamm says that the police patrol the area and it resembles a military special operation. By the way, Rinkeby is called “Little Mogadishu”. Most number of people in Rinkeby came from the East of African.

Lisa Tamm will head the Department of Combating Organized Crime next year. However, she started thinking how to use the experience of the Central American countries. For instance, she considers Colombia and El Salvador’s experience  in combating criminal groups. Sweden may consider increasing the number of police units in problem areas, as well as the number of social workers and government services.

In October 2017, the Moderate Party in Sweden proposed deploying army units in most dangerous no-go zones. Mikael Cederbratt is the member of the “moderate” party. He states that the Swedish laws no longer exist in some inhabited areas in Sweden. He thinks that the police are simply powerless against impudent gangs. First of all, it concerns such suburbs of Stockholm as Rinkeby, Hallund-Norsborg, Tensta and Husby. These suburbs are, in fact, immigrant ghettos.

“It is absolutely necessary to do something, because these gangs are like cancerous tumours in our country, and it is urgent. My absolute belief is that we, the nation of Sweden, must declare war on criminal gangs,” Cederbratt said.

Prosperous Sweden has reached Latin America’s level of crime

According to Breitbart News, the level of immigrant crimes in Sweden has increased from 15 to 23, from 2015 to 2017. The number of dangerous zones are mainly located in Stockholm and other major cities, for example, Malmö and Gothenburg. The immigrants commite different range of crimes: from robbery, violence and drug trafficking to religious extremism and mass riots. They  damage police institutions, authorities’ premises, shops, as well as set fire to cars. At the same time, migrants have weapons and hand grenades.

The Government of Sweden even proposes to pass an amnesty law for all immigrants if they surrender voluntarily their grenades and other explosive weapons.

Law enforcement agencies fully admit their impotence and inability to confront criminals. Some police officers are even afraid to go to work.

According to experts, the number of fatal shootings in calm and neutral Sweden is 4-5 times higher than in Germany, which is also flooded with migrants.  The number of attacks with hand grenades is already comparable to those areas of Mexico where drug cartels are active.

Tolerance as a reason for extremism

At the same time, not all Swedish society considers that immigration is a threat to the country. They are not ready to take intolerant measures to the inhabitants of immigrant ghettos.

“We have shooting and bandit attacks. But I do not think that comparing it with the military zone is correct,” Niklas Andersson, a police officer from Rinkeby, says .

This example is simply not possible in a healthy conservative society. The healthy society wants to protect itself from aggressive external influences and violent attempts destroying identity. But we see even feminists ran away from Tensta and Husby. They were frightened by threats from local Islamic radicals. Obviously, people with non-traditional sexual orientation are encouraged in Sweden.  However, they are not absolutely welcomed by foreign guests who feel in Europe as masters.

Most of the media covered the shocking case in Swedish Gothenburg in September 2010. The 27-year-old Swede, Elin Krantz, was raped and stoned to death by a 23-year-old “guest” from Somalia. This girl was an activist of one of the communities actively advocating for the rights of immigrants and propagating a mixture of different cultures. And this is not a single case in Sweden.

However, a much greater threat is religious Islamic fundamentalism. A lot of immigrants are adherents of it. Sweden is discussing actively the problem of almost 7,000 immigrants, so-called children”. They cheated local authorities and pretended “underage” to get refugee status and benefits.  The appropriate medical research made clear that all these people had reached adulthood for a long time. And how many of them were in terrorist groups and even took part in terrorist attacks before coming to Sweden?

Therefore, it is clear that further tolerance towards the non-peaceful inhabitants of no-go zones may bring many centers of the new caliphate in Europe. And then the Swedes and their EU neighbors, who has not known for a long time what war is on their territory, could face not imaginary but real threats.  However, in this case, it will be impossible to resolve all these problems peacefully.

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