This article presents the opinion that net neutrality is government overreach. For an opinion that net neutrality means freedom: US Repeals Network Neutrality.

Net neutrality did not end the free internet as many liberals claimed. The sky did not fall. But, the reaction from Democrats was too predictable.

Republicans responded differently.

Instead, deregulation returned the internet to its previous state. This opinion opposed net neutrality. Consequently, it agrees with the decision of the FCC majority. In 2015, the Obama administration decided that the internet needed saving. That message sent a chill through the internet.

It is as if the government knocked on the door. “We’re from the government. We are here to help”.

While the intention seemed noble, the government will abuse its power unless restricted. How can we expect neutrality this time?

The idea of net neutrality is that ISP’s can speed up or slow down the delivery of content at will. Not all content is equal. Video requires higher bandwidth than email. There was fear in conservative circles. Once the “deep state” begins its regulation, conservatives will end up shortchanged. The delay in IRS approval of the tea party non-profits is fresh in memory.

What is the model of the internet? Is the internet limited?

The FCC model for TV was that the media had limited resources. Because the TV spectrum was limited, the government needed to step in to choose who would get a channel. Consequently, the FCC granted TV licenses based on politics. Also, the FCC exercised censorship. It enforced equal time and community standards. No one disagreed at the time. But it was still censorship.

The net neutrality model is based on the internet as a limited resource.

Like TV, the internet is an overcrowded media. The Obama administration reasoned that it needed to step in to direct traffic. But this time, the Republican FCC chose to stay out. It will let market forces decide the internet’s fate. The key to freedom is the expansion of resources. The internet has room to grow. But, the private ISPs need revenue to create the future internet and its bandwidth.

Will Netflix pay more to stream video faster? Also, will the consumer pay higher fees for larger bandwidth? The fresh capital will expand the infrastructure. The internet can expand as it has for twenty years. Competition, not regulation guarantees freedom. Besides, the FCC has many tools at its disposal if there appears gross unfairness. Meanwhile, the internet will grow and innovate.

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