The fascists, neo-Nazis and sundry flotsam we discuss here spent much of January 2018 not only plotting to smash up Peace for Syria meetings we held in Ireland but also defaming and plotting to butcher me. As with any other crimes, the trails these street thugs left behind them is of note in identifying patterns and nodes of the Nazi grid in which they operate.

This article outlines some of those nodes and Nazi slime trails in the hope that Syrian and Irish lives will thereby be saved and peace with justice for Syria and the entire Middle East be brought a little nearer as a result. To help achieve this noble objective, this article is divided into the following sections: Section one outlines previous attacks on my peace efforts in London and Dublin; section two dissects line by line a pivotal Sunday Express smear piece written by the son of an Italian fascist defaming me, the leader of the British Labour Party and the Presidents of Russia and Syria; section three clarifies a number of points arising and concludes the article by showing how the fascist tactics employed against me are part of a larger and more insidious NATO inspired project to perpetuate the mass murder of Arabs and Aramaeans and to intimidate those of us who believe in the rights of all peoples to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Here comes the third section:

Bacik Brigades

Ms Ivana Bacik is a barrister and a Reid Professor of Law, which is a junior lectureship, obtained by passing a necessarily opaque internal exam at Trinity College Dublin, which has been very good to her both as a student and as a paid employee. When attacking Syria’s Grand Mufti in the Irish Parliament on 1 December 2016 and Russia’s Ambassador at the same venue two weeks earlier, she appeared totally ignorant of the matter at hand, she did not speak clearly and she spoke much too quickly for someone who has won an internal Trinity teaching award, and who therefore should know to slow her speech for people whose first language is not English. She should, of course, also speak through the Chair but to ask that she has a safety catch between her brain and her mouth might be too much to ask of this woman whose family fled to Ireland from Czechoslovakia following the collapse of the Nazis many years ago. As a barrister, she should know that her accusations, such as those she made against the leaders of Russia and Syria, should be based on evidence, not on uninformed screeds published by biased and discredited and uninformed outlets. The very fact that she wasted the Committee’s time by throwing the same stale accusations to the Syrian delegation that she threw at the Russian Ambassador also indicates a kind of autistic pathology amongst those who support the Islamic and other invasion forces in Syria. Although in fairness to Ms Bacik, it can be stated that her modest qualifications are inferior exam based rather than research-based ones, as she has not published any substantial original research, as any professor worth their salt is expected to do, from her overall performances and manner, she seems to be part of a constellation of problems, not the solution.

Perhaps because of her family’s Nazi-related past, she remains, at heart, a confused, abused little girl. After the White Helmets were given the Moonies’ funded “Tipperary” Peace Prize, Bacik, along with the Green Party’s Eamon Ryan took part in a tree planting ceremony with supporters of the defeated terrorists in Dublin’s St Stephen’s Green, close to Traitors’ Gate. As Bacik’s twitter timeline around the time of the tree planting was full of folk telling her what exactly the White Helmets are, she cannot feign ignorance to their war crimes. Ms. Bacik has also been peddling hate speech against the Syrian delegation, decrying world Church leaders as “Assadist apologists” and showing terrorist propaganda in the Irish Parliament. She has also popped up at commemorations paying homage to Irish Republican extremists, who thought it a giggle to murder unarmed British regime forces in Dublin and, whether as a wind up or just because she knows no better, she is now sending portraits of them to the British Parliament who sent them to Dublin in the first place. Although these acts of desperation may be attempts by Bacik to get some belated street credibility, her apparent blanket ignorance on Irish history is but another of her many handicaps in that regard.

Although Bacik cannot be regarded as a political or academic heavyweight, one must ask, given her extremist views and her erratic actions, if she has been compromised and if so, by whom and has the rot spread to apparatchiks like Noel Murphy. If fascism or foreign intelligence services have infiltrated the Irish Parliament through Trinity College which has always been a hub of an MI6 subversion since well before the 1974 Dublin bomb attacks, in which several students and staff members were involved, then the appropriate action should be taken and the fifth columnists jailed. As Bacik has now taken to donning Irish Republican attire, she could not, in conscience, complain as a felon’s cap has long been regarded as the proudest crown an Irish Republican can wear.

Perhaps I am partly at fault for Bacik popping up at the graves of Ireland’s patriot dead. When I wrote to Irish Labour Party leader Mr. Brendan Howlin. TD Complaining about her Der Stürmer style hate speech on 24 January 2018, I did mention the women of the Irish Women’s Workers’ Union (IWWU), of which Constance Georgine Markievicz (aka Countess Markievicz), who shot dead an unarmed policeman in 1916, was a member. Perhaps Bacik felt compelled to embrace her grave to don her mantle to mask her own more subversive and reactionary one. Unlike Markievicz, the Irish people have decisively rejected Bacik at the ballot box outside of the British bailiwick of Trinity College, which has been so good to Bacik and which still commemorates to this day its pivotal role in suppressing 1916 Rising and condemning Markievicz and very many others to death. Although Bacik might only be paying lip service to the Markievicz model of shooting unarmed Irish policemen dead, there are plenty of others who share her genocidal views on Syria that are prepared to wade through rivers of Syrian and Irish blood to establish their Caliphate.

Robin Yassin-Kassab who, like Hamish de Bretton Gordon, likes to sport a double-barrelled name, played a pivotal role in the attacks on our recent peace initiatives. He has taken part in a number of disruptive operations, which include being allowed by Bacik and Murphy to speak for an hour on 1 December 2016 in the Irish Parliament so as to crowd the Syrian delegation out, and organising a mob Twitter troll of Tuttle Publishing to defame me and lower me in the esteem of Tuttle and others. Having most likely checked out my Linkedin page, Kessab and other Turkmen and Nazi “activists” sent Tuttle a large number of spam tweets concerning me. When Tuttle eventually replied to a large number of them with the same message that 1. they had contracted with me to publish a number of books; 2. that they quite naturally did not necessarily share or endorse my views (or those of other best-selling authors); and 3. that they did not condone violence, Kessab, and the other riff raff took that as some kind of condemnation of me and support for their own fascist views and tactics, which have included, desecrating and defiling churches in England where peace people were due to speak.

Although desecrating churches might seem a piece of harmless fun to Bacik and her ilk, law-abiding people in Ireland and beyond are terrified for their own sakes and that of their families of these Muslim Brotherhood scum and Bacik, who supports their efforts, should not be allowed divorce herself from their methods. She should be, if not actually arrested and interrogated, made to apologize for her hate speech and be made swear not to re-offend.

Muslim Brotherhood

The Muslim Brotherhood, its strong links with Western intelligence forces and dubious Trotsykist groups notwithstanding, is the Arab world’s original, most subversive, and most dangerous terrorist organization. It strongly believes in imposing the Caliphate and, as their atrocities in Egypt show, murdering or subjugating all who resist them. There will be no peace in the Arab world until the Muslim Brotherhood is crushed in its spawning grounds and in those areas of the Western world NATO has allowed it colonize. Syria’s former ruler, the late Hafez el Assad, accurately described them in”this video.

The Muslim Brotherhood, in which Egypt’s Morsi, Turkey’s Erdoğan, Qaradawi and other Qatari-based sociopaths are all leading lights, is the main terrorist organization behind Syria’s violence and it should be dealt with accordingly. Following their failed 1982 coup, most Syrian Muslim Brotherhood terrorists fled into safe haven boltholes from where they built a network of dedicated and highly professional cadres to spew their toxins. Although the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood has countless professionals and aspiring political leaders with huge senses of entitlement in its ranks of exiles, it not only lacks boots on the Syrian ground but its Nusra armed wing has lost out in that important regard to ISIS and the other groups it formerly nurtured. As in Egypt and Syria, so also here: the Muslim Brotherhood should be declared illegal and its leaders and their molls charged with directing terrorism in the same way leaders of any other comparable terrorist organization are charged. Much more detailed information on this supremacist murder gang is available at this link. Their misogynistic views on women are articulated here.  That Muslim Brotherhoood linked Ali Selim, Ivana Bacik’s Trinity colleague, is now under some public pressure, is, hopefully, the end of the beginning and Bacik and other hate pedlers will also now begin to feel some belated heat.

By Dr. Declan Hayes


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