According to reports coming from Riyadh, in the next few days, the King of Saudi Arabia Salman may be renounced in favor of his son, Crown Prince Mohammed.

The path to Saudi Arabia’s throne

Such a transfer of power became possible due to the fact that in June of this year Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, who previously held the position of the third in the hierarchy of the successor, rose one step higher after the renunciation of the post of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Naif.

At that time, an attempted assassination attempt prevented Prince Mohammed bin Salman from taking the next step and climbing the royal throne. In addition, in the upper circles, there was the resistance of a number of princes of royal blood to his rapid rise. However, this obstacle was lifted after several members of the royal family were arrested in Saudi Arabia on suspicion of corruption on November 5, as well as dozens of former and current government officials.

The problem remained only in the unfavorable media background, which was formed due to the sudden resignation at the same time of the Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri. Many suspected that the resignation occurred under the pressure of the Saudi leadership, which allegedly forcibly kept him in the Saudi capital. But, on November 18, Saad Hariri and his wife successfully left the country and went to Paris, which forced observers to abandon speculation on this topic.

Thus, now for Prince Mohammed bin Salman, it is the most favorable time for the ascent to the throne from the political point of view. This will allow him to begin long-overdue large-scale economic and political transformation in the Saudi Kingdom, without regard for other members of the royal family.

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