Christmas is here. A great, bright, Christian holiday, according to which God comes into the world. What is so special about this holiday?

Existential message of Christmas

Christmas is a time of hope. It takes place about the winter solstice which is the shortest daylight time of the year. And that is the time when Christmas takes place. It is a time of hope in a sense that it offers a universal salvation to the entire world. For religious people, Christ’s biethday is a personal holiday, a victory of the divine over the worldly. Christmas offers a chance of salvation to all men and all women regardless of their ethnicity, class and any accidental circumstances of birth.

This is a unique message and even if you do not believe in God. it is a message which has had an entirely beneficial effect on those parts of the world where it has been heard. The King comes to the world. He comes in absolute humility, in boundless gentleness.

There was no place for Mary Mary in the hotel, so the God was born in a stable, where food for cattle was kept. By the fact of such birth, the Gospel affirms a new pattern of attitude to life. What is it, this pattern? Why does God come to the world like this? Why did Mary was refused to stay in the hotel? Because Christ comes to serve the common people. Not to serve greedy rich men and nobles, but to those who are not used to live in palaces. Christmas has nothing to do with luxury, shopping, and gluttony. Еhe very celebration of Christmas should be a spiritual holiday.

Santa vs. Jesus

But, today we live in a society of vulgar consumerism, where all the knowledge of humanity is used to ensure that we, exactly one year later, change one model of an iPhone to another.

It is clear that people need a holiday – people need joy, people need a miracle to add something extraordinary to everyday life. People need something sacred, they need a myth. But modern Christmas in the West has been vulgarized and trivialized, it has become an embarrassing celebration, which is symbolized by the fat red-cheeked Santa from Coca-Cola advertisement. There are almost no religious elements in the mainstream celebration of Christmas; it is simply a festival of shopping for things that you would not buy for yourself and you give to people who do not really want them. It is a time for watching trash television. It is a time for attending vulgar and tediously degraded theatrical representations. It is a time for eating and drinking too much.

Remember – Christmas is not Santa’s holiday, it’s Christ’s birthday. Spend this day with your family. Do good deeds, take care of those in need. You don’t have to be a Christian to make Christmas great and bright. It’s enough just to be a good person and be able to share your love with the close ones.

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