Robots will steal half of the jobs that exist today in 2040. What may happen is that we will return to a more traditional order. We see history as the result of human will alone. This isn’t to say that the human will doesn’t exist. It most certainly does. However, economic, technological and even geographical factors play the main role.

People think that the victories of feminism are a moral victory.

We think that “we did it”. When in fact, industrialization is more important than anything in our values.

The pre-industrial world needed women. They lived, for the sole objective of making more humans. In order for society to function women had many children to compensate for a “nasty, brutish and short” life. And, to a lesser degree women did the various time-consuming household tasks. If women in a pre-industrial society were “childfree” then that society would not stand up against competitors. The population of a low liberal preindustrial country needed to be hidden deep in the mountains or it risked getting conquered by the country where women produce 7 infantrymen each.

The “disease theory of medicine” and modern hygiene created a much better chance of survival. Sadly, it is almost never mentioned that our longer lives free women from their previous state. However, the advancement of medicine alone did not change women’s lives.

A feudal economy had lots of kids crammed into a farmhouse. It needed women to churn them out. An industrial economy, especially when men are in short supply after World War II, needed women workers. The “emancipation” of women “by chance” coincided with a massive change in the way humans live. This was possibly the most massive change in our entire existence.

Robots represent a new change in the economy on the horizon.

Many say that around half of the jobs that exist today will disappear due to robots in 2040-2050.

Although our natural instinct is to be scared of this. Robots will replace us. But what may happen is a return to a more traditional order. Firstly, the economy needed hands. Women were forced out of the home and family. Now fewer laborers and more robots are needed. The economy no longer forced women to go anywhere. Furthermore, the industrial era artifact of public schooling is failing in the 21st century.

The economy of the 21st century needs highly trained specialists. Stay at home moms with a drive to “train” those sorts of specialists from birth will win economically. This process began in the upper middle class and beyond. A classroom with 30 kids and rote memorization cannot produce the brilliance needed for this new economy.

So due to the “robotization” of society women may…

  1. Have the economic possibility to not work if they choose.
  2. Be motivated to very actively raise their children to meet market demands for highly skilled professionals.

The ability to live a traditional life is viable for women thanks to R2D2 and T-1000.

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