The controversy regarding the President Trump’s unusual choice of words to refer to the Non-Western world has “triggered” liberal outrage. The liberal, progressive, SJW view of “words as violence” proves itself to be an insane position yet again.

The people who are offended for the Non-West are the same type who would never even begin to think that a Non-Western system of governance and morality could ever be allowed. This is the same group who were fine with Washington’s actions in Syria because pleasant Obama was in office. And of course, they are the ones who have no problem with Hillary Clinton’s famous quote “we came, we saw, he died”. Hillary is good therefore she may advocate murder. Trump is bad so he is racist and at fault always.

Trump’s words about the rest of the world match Washington’s post WWII actions towards it. He is merely reflecting the reality of the mentality in play.

The Beltway is absolutely certain in its superiority to the point that it is beyond question. Thus, anyone who denies the one true world policeman can and will be crushed. But none of this seems to offend those who “care” for the poor people outside the golden billion.

If you really wish to care for the Non-West you should hold these beliefs.

  • Non-Western people are competent and if left alone can make their own decisions without help from you and your humanities degree wisdom.
  • Non-Western people are free to have a system that works for them with different values. Your system is for based on your history and culture.
  • War is not something to be taken casually. It will always be a part of foreign policy but if you are not willing to die in a war do not advocate for it.
  • Seeing the world only through the information shown to you by your “own” news sources is ignorant. These sources seem to lie about America often, so why would they tell the truth about overseas events? You have no idea what is happening in the rest of the world and you shouldn’t pretend to. Put down your Starbucks and try talking to a Non-White person for the first time in your life.
  • Most of your anti-racism extends from your inner feelings of superiority and the guilt that comes with it. You need to stop being racist.


-Tim Kirby is a political analyst and award-winning radio talk show host in Moscow, Russia. Tim grew up in Cleveland, Ohio.

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